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Somebody S Child B00Dm11Vzc


Somebody’s Child

A divine twist of fate causes Constance Rivers (Lynn Whitfield) and her son Douglas (Michael Jai White) to open their hearts to ex-convict, Benjamin Sparks (Byron Minns). While on the brink of losing her battle with kidney disease, Constance’s near death confession causes her past and present to instantly collide. SOMEBODY’S CHILD is a heartwarming story about a son losing hope, a mother gaining faith, and God’s divine and perfect plan.

Somebody Else’s Husband

Tammie and Mike are married with three children. Lately, Mike has been making the typical moves of a cheater, working late and hiding his phone. Tammie is suspicious and convinced that Mike’s attention is on someone else. That is, until he sweeps her off of her feet with a romantic night that she will never forget. All of her worries are washed away with ever touch, kiss and stroke. Confidence in her man and marriage replaces her previous suspicions. Then, as luck would have it, evidence of Mike’s infidelity smacks… More

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good: The New Mitford Novel (A Mitford Novel)

"Karon knits Mitford’s small-town characters and multiple story lines into a cozy sweater of a book…. Somewhere Safe hits the sweet spot at the intersection of your heart and your funny bone. 4/4 stars"  — USA Today  "Welcome home, Mitford fans…to Karon’s gift for illuminating the struggles that creep into everyday lives—along with a vividly imagined world." —People "The faster and more impersonal the world becomes, the more we need…Mitford."— Cleveland Plain Dealer   After five hectic years of retirement from Lord’s Chapel, Father Tim Kavanagh returns with his wife, Cynthia, from… More

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Somebody’s Daughter DVD & Audio CD

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